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An opportunity to record for a record label presented itself when Eva Ybarra was still a young teen. At fourteen, Eva was discovered by Ruben Ruiz, the owner of Rosina Records then based out of San Marcos, Texas. While performing at a dance, Ruiz took notice of Eva’s talent and took a gamble on the young prodigy. At that time, Ruiz customarily recruited Tejano Orquesta acts but made an exception for the promising accordionist.  Under Rosina, she released a number of 45s that proved to be a commercial success. Singles such as, “Cuando Vivas Conmigo” (“When You Live with Me”) and “La Noche De Mi Mal” (“The Night of My Misfortune”) rose the profile of the future Hall-of-Famer.

This page is dedicated to those early years of her recording career at Rosina Records. The following recordings are archived, along with others by Ybarra, at The Strachwitz Frontera Collection. The Frontera Collection is housed at UCLA.

Note: You’ll notice a change in accordion playing style after the first two records. That is because Eva sings and plays accordion on “Cuando Vivas Conmigo” and “La Noche De Mi Mal.” For the remainder, her brother Pedro Jr. accompanies Eva on accordion and she only recorded vocals.

Eva Ybarra – “Cuando Vivas Con Migo” – Rosina ra-156-a
Eva Ybarra – “La Noche De Mi Mal” – Rosina ra-156-b
Eva Ybarra – “Nuestro Juramento” – Rosina ra-160-a
Eva Ybarra – “Ojita Verde” – Rosina ra-160-b
Eva Ybarra – “Esclavo Y Amo” – Rosina ra-161-a
Eva Ybarra – “Andas Herido” – Rosina ra-161-b
Eva Ybarra – “Miedosa” – Rosina ra-174-a
Eva Ybarra – “Tengo Ganas” – Rosina ra-174-b
Eva Ybarra – “Corazón Abandonado” – Rosina ra-175-a
Eva Ybarra – “La Traidora” – Rosina ra-175-b
Eva Ybarra – “La Barca De Oro” – Rosina ra-185-a
Eva Ybarra – “Tu Ausencia” – Rosina ra-185-b
Eva Ybarra – “Arboles Viejos” – Rosina ra-186-a
Eva Ybarra – “Un Consuelo” – Rosina ra-186-b
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